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Decorating and entertaining ideas for simple, elegant holiday parties

Holiday decorating
Halloween. Thanksgiving. The December holiday season.  This time of the year brings so many opportunities to open your home to friends and family for celebrations, from large gatherings for the big holidays to intimate, relaxed get togethers. While the reasons to celebrate and the holiday may change, the goal remains the same: to have fun -- and create some lovely memories along the way.  This year, we’ve put together ways to give this season’s soirees a touch of easy sophistication while also keeping with the tradition of the holidays.     Halloween Parties  It may not seem like it thanks to pint sized trick-or-treaters, but Halloween is a fantastic holiday for grownups, too.  We love this article in Elle Décor for a Halloween-themed dinner party that plays on Halloween classic characters like ghosts and spiders but with a sophisticated twist. The table set...
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Choosing the best outdoor fireplace for your home

Fireplace A
It’s a trend that’s here to stay, and we couldn’t love it more. We’re talking about outdoor fireplaces, one of the most elegant and captivating ways to transform your outdoor living space into an inviting oasis for entertaining and relaxation. The type of outdoor fireplace you choose will depending on your home’s signature style, and no matter what that style may be – whether classic or contemporary – you’ll find one (or several) you’ll love. Outdoor fireplaces can be either gas or wood-burning. Like they often are indoors, gas fireplaces are typically easier to use (than wood-burning fireplaces) with the benefit of being able to operate it remotely. They’re also considered safer, and are often easier to faster to install in your outdoor space. Alternatively, a wood-burning outdoor fireplace creates a certain ambiance. There’s nothing quite like listening to the sound of cracking wood or...
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A few kind words that mean a world to our company...

Classic Living Stillwater Isle
We are so thankful for the following message that arrived without notice at Classic Living Homes. Kind comments from the heart such as this are very much appreciated. Thank you. "Hello. I was sitting on my sofa looking around my house and I just wanted to tell you how much I love this house and all of the subtle details throughout the building. It will be four years of living here and we have enjoyed it every day. Thank you for doing a wonderful job." - Jesal P., Mason, Ohio
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Our top five trends for fall décor

2018 Fall decor ideas
As the temperatures begin to drop it can only mean one thing: fall is on the way. This is the time we start to reach for a sweater when the sun sets, when warm, hearty soups replace light, refreshing salads and plans for the upcoming holidays are starting to take shape.  Fall is a beautiful time of the year, and it’s a wonderful time to decorate your home and get it ready for parties up ahead, or simply ready for the cozy, comfortable nights you’ll spend in on the couch with a good book and a glass of wine or hot chocolate.  To get you inspired for fall decorating, we’ve put together our top five trends that are here to stay, long after that last leaf falls from the tree.  Gold and Velvet  There’s no question gold is a top home décor trend for fall 2018 (and for fashion, too). But we aren’t just talking about gold accents like candleholders, picture frames or for the ...
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