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Living Green + Seeing Green - Cincinnati Tax Abatements for new custom homes

LEED Logo Project
How the Cincinnati Community Reinvestment Area (CRA) and LEED Certification make it happen. With so many great energy and consumption conservation products available in today’s Cincinnati home construction, everyone agrees that they are a permanent part of our ongoing sustainability initiatives. After all, who wouldn’t want the ability to conserve energy, reduce consumption, improve air quality and the numerous other benefits that building green can bring? I think it’s safe to say that we’ve turned the “Green” light on permanently for better conservation and the financial benefits it brings today’s home buyers. Did you know that your green efforts in home construction can also gain you tax abatements within the City of Cincinnati? The tax savings can be substantial. The abatement is valid for single, two-family and multi-family dwellings over an extended period of years. New homes are ta...
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Is a pre-constructed home really a custom built home?

A custom home is not always one that is built from scratch for a unique buyer. In fact, many new custom homes are built prior to having a buyer. These are called “Market” or pre-constructed homes. Sometimes the builder will construct a “Model” home in the initial stages of a community’s development to illustrate their capabilities. Market homes possess the same level of custom quality as those built from scratch. The buyer for each type of home is generally defined by the following:   Market Custom Homes - This home buyer has a more immediate desire to move and finds greater value in quick home occupancy. They usually find, upon touring the home and surrounding community, that the builder has satisfied a sufficient amount of the custom attributes that they desire. This home features the the same excellence in building materials and craftsmanship, but utilizes a widely accepted floor...
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From Lebanon to Long Cove - See who owned your Warren County land 160 years ago.

warren county map fpo
Now this is an interesting, but offbeat subject for Warren County, Ohio residents. It’s hard to imagine today, that American pioneers once tilled, nurtured and protected the land that we now own. Think of the people who may have lived where your home’s foundation stands. Did you know that the county itself is named after Dr. Joseph Warren, a hero of the Revolutionary War who sent Paul Revere on his ride and who died at the Battle of Bunker Hill? The landscape of Warren County has changed much since Dr. Warren’s lifetime. The original eight townships have turned into eleven. The population has grown from 26,000 to almost 225,000 - ten times the number of residents! Interested in looking back to see the Warren County names that owned and cared for your land 160 years ago? This is your chance. Click here to view a comprehensive land ownership map for 1856. Ever...
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Capeview Place Preview Tour is this Sunday

Capeview Place
Our newest homes are beginning to reach completion in Long Cove's long-awaited Capeview Place. Just inside the final Long Cove entrance off of Snider Road, Classic Living has  completed its model home for this event. It is filled with today's best craftsmanship, technologies and design ideas for discriminating custom home shoppers. A second completed Classic Living home is just across the street and is ready for you to tour this Sunday from noon until 3pm. Additionally, we have four building lots available on Capeview Place. Bring your custom home vision and discuss it personally with the builder on Sunday.  This is an outstanding opportunity to learn more about Classic Living Homes, tour our newest offerings and other open houses, and experience the Long Cove lifestyle. Take in what makes this the most unique community in the Mason / Liberty Township area and Classic Livi...
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