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Knowledge is king for the Cincinnati custom home buyer

Classic Living home plans
Study your plans and ask questions. Your home’s drawings are the central document during the construction process. You should spend quality time going over them to be certain everything is a custom fit for your family’s needs. Plans can look intimidating with all of their symbols and cryptic industry language. Ask your builder about anything that you don’t understand. Think about how you will use each space in the home. Consider the room flow and proximity of spaces for ease of use. This early review will save time and money as updates on paper are far less expensive than during construction. Finally, if you’ve done your homework and selected a seasoned Cincinnati custom home builder, they will have working insights as to what previous questions home buyers have asked. A good builder will be your partner throughout the process. They, as much as you, want your new custom home to be e...
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The Western & Southern Open - Another Mason Area Classic!

Outstanding Mason, Ohio! Recently ranked one of America's most liveable places by, it has so much to be proud of. Like The 2015 Western & Southern Open that is underway this week at The Lindner Family Tennis Center. What a great way for tennis enthusiasts at all levels to enjoy the sport. Even those who would rather eat, shop and people watch can find their perfect venue here. The Open is just one more reason to love the Mason/Deerfield Township area. Travel in any direction and you're sure to find an unmatched lifestyle in the Greater Cincinnati area. Travel just a few miles south and you will find another outstanding event that is getting into the swing of things in August. Long Cove's long-awaited Capeview Place is underway offering world-class living in one of Cincinnati's finest communities. If you are considering a custom-built home, and you've heard about Long Cove, t...
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Long Cove's Capeview Place Preview Tour Date Set

Capeview map
The date is set custom home buyers. Our Capeview Place Preview Tour in Long Cove is happening on Sunday, September 13 from Noon until 3pm. This is a great opportunity to learn much more about Classic Living Homes and the truly incredible quality that we place into each residence that we build. Please join us. Meet the builder. Tour the model home. Experience the Long Cove lifestyle and community for yourself. Directions:  
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7 ceilings that are something to look up to

Vaulted ceiling
When considering the ceiling options in your home, you might say, “Who cares about the ceilings? That’s not living space.” This is true in a way, but ceilings become important as they contribute greatly to the aesthetics and ambiance in finished living spaces. For that reason, custom-homes always feature the refinements that this craftsman area of construction brings.   Ceiling styles have evolved over the years. Below are the most widely used types:   Vaulted Found in better custom homes, this is the most intricate of ceiling types with deep sweeping angles, intricate barrel arches, beams and soft coves. As in the photo to the left from a recently completed Classic Living home, the highest degree of design and construction craftsmanship go into these ceilings. Vaults rise from the walls in seamless style to provide a lofty, spacious and grand atmosphere. There are numerous des...
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