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Hyde Park’s Grandin Road - A storied past with room for a next chapter

Grandin Bridge 1905
In the mid-eighteenth century, few Cincinnati overlooks commanded attention like Grandin Road in what is now Hyde Park. Names like Longworth, Burnet, Grosbeak, Harrison and of course Grandin once lived here in sprawling estates overlooking the Ohio River valley. In 1892, with a generation’s passing, a new era of businessmen and entrepreneurs saw Hyde Park for its true potential and built the fine homes stretching away from the overlook, to Hyde Park Square and beyond. Their expressed goal was to create a community for Cincinnati’s wealthy. Their vision became reality with many affluent families locating there, creating arguably the finest selection of architectural styles in the region. Moving forward more than a century, Hyde Park today has maintained itself as a premier Cincinnati community. More than ever, people seek to make it their residence, in the fine older homes, among the gasl...
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Building New Classics in Hyde Park

108811 003
For over 100 years the homes of Hyde Park, in Cincinnati, Ohio have stood shoulder-to-shoulder on their gaslit streets. Over the years, homes in the community have appreciated quite a bit making it even today a destination for people seeking a quality lifestyle in an old-style suburban setting.  Today many of the homes that were built in the early 1900's and earlier have become very difficult to maintain. Slate roofs, cloth wiring, poor insulation, drafty windows, cast iron pipes and clay drains, to name a few of the issues. It can be a stressful time for streets that haven't known change in a century. But today, custom home builders, like Classic Living Homes are embracing the opportunity (and challemge) to work with local communities and residents to find equitable solutions through raising old-stock housing and replacing it with architecturally relevant homes that comform to thei...
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Introducing Kensington of Mason | New in 2018

Kensington map blog
Much thought has gone into Deerfield Township's newest residential community and Classic Living is proud to be a featured custom home builder in it. Fischer Homes has embellished the concept of Kensington Gardens, an affluent district in West London. It will have much old-world charm blended with the best of today's residential living. Think lush gardens, green spaces, sidewalks, permanent family entertainment areas, a deep water pool with bathhouse, and Mason City Schools! Much has been learned over the past decades in the Greater Mason area and much of that knowledge has gone into the development of Kensington. The community has three inital phases, shown on the map and is home to Cincinnati Homeararma 2019. See lots on map. Classic Living Homes will have a centrally located model home in both the community and Homearama. Conveniently located off Fields Ertel Road in Deerfield Township...
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Cincinnati home builders - Finding a custom fit for you

custom home
The term “Custom Home Builder”, is one that separates a unique group of builders who go beyond, and sometimes far beyond, the production home building process. This group of builders personalizes the home construction process to meet the individual home buyer’s needs instead of fitting those needs into a template that has been duplicated many times. The term “custom” is a widely used and overused description, but hey… freedom of speech, right? So how do you know that you are getting the best custom building experience? Below are a few things to look for to make sure your builder and new custom built home fit like a glove.   Study the builder’s process Every custom builder should have a process, or mission statement in place that serves as their business philosophy. You can usually find this statement on their website or marketing efforts. Don’t take this declaration lightly. Read an...
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