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What to look for when choosing a custom home builder

Looking for a custom homer builder
The decision to build a custom home is one of the most important ones you’ll ever make. Your new home is where you’ll make memories and welcome family and friends for years – even decades – to come.  Before you choose a custom home builder, it’s essential to do your research to find a builder that’s reputable, established, and above all, puts you first.  So what’s the difference between a good home builder and the very best home builder? We’ve come up with the answers below. Remember: don’t settle when it comes to building your custom home. The very best home builders will not only customize your new house, but they’ll deliver unparalleled customer service as well.  Top traits of a great custom home builder  You come first. Always. Your custom home builder should be an excellent listener who considers your needs and starts from there. After all, building a house is as...
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2019 Kensington Homearama Planning Guide

Kensington Homearama 2019
Get ready for the 2019 Homearama at Kensington  We’ve put the finishing touches on the Classic Living home that will be featured in the year’s Greater Cincinnati Homearama and we can’t wait for you to see it. Not only is it Classic in design, but it’s also completely energy efficient and offers state-of-the-art features throughout.  We think you’ll be you’ll be inspired as soon as you see it, thanks to the gorgeous stone entrance and custom built wood entry door. And as you walk through the home, you’ll definitely notice an incredible attention to detail and, of course, all the latest trends in home design.   In fact, everything in our 2019 Kensington of Mason Homearama home is customized – from the cabinetry, to the metal hood on the chef-worthy oven range, to the vaulted wood beams that add character and charm in rooms throughout the house.  Here are just some ...
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The big benefits of building a custom home in an established Cincinnati neighborhood

Hyde Park Square clock
Cincinnati is filled with both up-and-coming, newer communities and historic, established neighborhoods, which means that when it comes time to build your custom home, you’ve got lots of choices.  If you’re leaning towards building a home in areas in Cincinnati with lots of history, like Hyde Park, Mount Lookout, Blue Ash, Indian Hill or Montgomery, you’re in great company. Many new homeowners are choosing to call these long-standing neighborhoods home for a multitude of reasons.  Did you know that it’s often more cost effective to tear down an existing property in these areas and build a new home than it is to renovate and remodel the one original one?  Not only does it make better financial sense to build, rather than remodel, in most of Cincinnati’s oldest neighborhoods, but there’s also plenty of other reasons to choose a custom built home in one of these great neighbo...
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Taking your lifestyle to new heights - Custom home additions and remodeling

Remodeling image
So, you visited a friend’s custom built home and loved their three season room. You’re wishing you had one in your custom built home, too, but you’re not interested in moving because you’re happy where you are. You’ve got great neighbors, live in a community with excellent schools, and besides, you’ve got a lot of equity in your home.  What if we told you there was a way to get that three season room in the home you’re in now? There is, and it’s by remodeling.  Now, you may be thinking that remodeling is only for older homes – and certainly not for custom built homes.  But custom built homes get remodeled, too. After all, they’re designed to fit your lifestyle, and we know life changes.  From three season rooms to rooms modified for older generations to age in place, there’s really no shortage of ways you can add something new to your home to make it exactly what you ...
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