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Teardown Home Construction - Why people are coming home to the idea

9228 Village Green Drive
Cincinnati has many established communities with a feel that newer outlying subdivisions have yet to equal. There is something about the tudors of Hyde Park and Mt. Lookout, the gaslit streets of Mariemont, the lush, rambling beauty of Indian Hill and even Cincinnati’s rising gem - eclectic, historical Montgomery. These communities take us back with walkability, public squares, quaint business districts, mature parks, and most of all - great older homes. It’s a sense of the established and being closer to the city that make these residential areas more popular, but it does come at a price. Opportunities are becoming harder to find. That means that prices are rising. Quality homesites are in demand With the dilemma of moving further out of Cincinnati to acquire a lower priced lot, it has become a popular option to seek old-stock homes in disrepair, but in quality neighborhoods, tearing do...
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Top 20 Questions To Ask When Building A New Home - Part II

Top 20 blog image II
What standard features do your homes include? What options and upgrades can I select? This is a open-ended question as there are so many levels of home building, but it has merit at all levels. You may be surprised what is standard to one builder and optional to another, no matter what the price point. Do you subcontract work? Can I choose any or all of my subcontractors? “Subcontractor” is not a dirty word. In fact, they provide flexibility to help keep schedules on track, maintain budgets and bring expertise in specific areas. A good builder/subcontractor partnership can bring much to your home construction. That said, these relationships carry a delicate balance. One that is time-tested for success. It is recommended that you let your builder select sub-contractors, for assurance of quality, timelines met and potential liability issues. How many homes do you currently have under const...
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Top 20 Questions To Ask When Building a New Home - Part I

Mason Home Builder
How many years have you been in business? Experience tells more than just about any other question that you can ask. It is the foundation for building expertise that should be on display in recent home completions for you to make a judgement on. How many homes have you built? This is a direct reflection of how sought after the home builder is or how new they are to the business. Do you have references I can talk to? If the answer is no, begin a search for another builder. Your builder should have numerous satisfied customers who are willing to offer a personal endorsement of quality, craftsmanship, service and value. What are your strengths in building that separate you from other builders? Hearing a home builder’s business philosophy personally from them can tell you volumes. A short list of things to listen for are: planning stage attentiveness (listening), ability to offer design dive...
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Hyde Park’s Grandin Road - A storied past with room for a next chapter

Grandin Bridge 1905
In the mid-eighteenth century, few Cincinnati overlooks commanded attention like Grandin Road in what is now Hyde Park. Names like Longworth, Burnet, Grosbeak, Harrison and of course Grandin once lived here in sprawling estates overlooking the Ohio River valley. In 1892, with a generation’s passing, a new era of businessmen and entrepreneurs saw Hyde Park for its true potential and built the fine homes stretching away from the overlook, to Hyde Park Square and beyond. Their expressed goal was to create a community for Cincinnati’s wealthy. Their vision became reality with many affluent families locating there, creating arguably the finest selection of architectural styles in the region. Moving forward more than a century, Hyde Park today has maintained itself as a premier Cincinnati community. More than ever, people seek to make it their residence, in the fine older homes, among the gasl...
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