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Living Green + Seeing Green - Cincinnati Tax Abatements for new custom homes

LEED Logo Project
How the Cincinnati Community Reinvestment Area (CRA) and LEED Certification make it happen. With so many great energy and consumption conservation products available in today’s Cincinnati home construction, everyone agrees that they are a permanent part of our ongoing sustainability initiatives. After all, who wouldn’t want the ability to conserve energy, reduce consumption, improve air quality and the numerous other benefits that building green can bring? I think it’s safe to say that we’ve turned the “Green” light on permanently for better conservation and the financial benefits it brings today’s home buyers. Did you know that your green efforts in home construction can also gain you tax abatements within the City of Cincinnati? The tax savings can be substantial. The abatement is valid for single, two-family and multi-family dwellings over an extended period of years. New homes are ta...
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Responsive website technology - Experience it first in this website!

Give it a try. You are obviously viewing the Classic website right now. If you are on a desktop computer, reduce the width of your page view on the screen. As you will see, the responsive technology maintains the page element sizes, but stacks content vertically for ease in reading. Now launch this website on your tablet or smart phone. Responsive automatically converts the page into a custom vertical format specifically for the screen width of your device. Why is this important? Now you will be able to see all content, including photos and links at 100% viewability. It's a Classic convenience for when you are on the go and don't want to have to scroll and enlarge to read. Enjoy...
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New Classic Living model home now available in Long Cove

The revitalized housing market is in clear evidence in Deerfield Township's Long Cove. Low interest rates and the shortage of new home inventory have recently spawned numerous sales and construction starts in this exclusive custom home community. Classic Living Homes has broken ground on their newest model home on 5364 North Shore Place with a stately manor style two story; available for sale at $949,000.  A limited selection of lots remain available to build with Classic Living Homes, including just two premium water-side building sites on Stillwater Isle and only one on Winding Cape Way . Contact us today to learn more about these exciting opportunities in Long Cove.
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You can LEED the way to better homeowner ecology

It stands for "Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design". LEED is a voluntary program that greatly benefits homeowners, builders and our ecology as a whole. The effort is a world wide effort to address the entire lifecycle of our structures. Participation requires a minimum of 40 points achieved on a 110 point LEED rating system. Once certified, the homeowner enjoys lower operating costs, increased asset value and healthier indoor spaces. Builders construct a more forward-thinking, competitive and conscientious product, that better fits the requirements of today's buyer. Finally, over it's lifespan LEED certified structures reduce waste in landfills, conserve energy and water, reduce greenhouse gases, and quailfy for tax rebates, zoning allowances and numerous other incentives in many areas. LEED is quality program and Classic Living Homes is ready to make it a part of you...
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