hiring an interior designerThere are so many things to consider when you begin to build your dream home, from choosing the very best location for you and your family, to deciding on a design, to working with architects and builders. 

With so much to do, you may be apt to forget about your new home’s interior design or decide to hold off and think about it later. And while that may be tempting, we recommend working with an interior designer as soon as you can. 

Not only can a good interior designer elevate the look of your new home in ways you never thought were possible, but they can help keep the home building process stress-free and even fun. Still not sure? Here’s 7 reasons why you should work with an interior designer. 

You’ll gain the eyes of an expert. Even if you have a solid design aesthetic and think you know exactly how you want your rooms to look, a great interior designer can help you see things from a new perspective. Think of it as having another pair of eyes that are trained to see things you may miss. 

They come with a plan (and stick to it!). From keeping your budget on track, to saving you from endless hours searching the internet for the perfect couch, interior designers have a solid understanding of prices to help manage costs. And they know where to shop for the best brands and products to save you time. 

They’ll make the design functional. One of the greatest things about your custom home is that it’s designed to fit your lifestyle. But functionality goes way beyond the architect’s blueprints. Your new home should also be outfitted with furniture, appliances and décor that makes living easy. 

Just like your builders, your interior designers will also take into consideration the needs of you and your family and design around that, so your home is beautiful and inspiring, but practical and functional, too. 

They’re good liaisons. Another reason to work with an interior designer early in the process is so that they can work with builders, architects, and contractors to make sure all aspects of design and construction are cohesive. For example, they can make sure wall and floor outlets are where they need to be for the placement of your furniture. 

They can save you money. It may be surprising to learn this, but it’s true. First, they’ll assess all costs and make sure to stick within your budget. Second, they often know how to find the best prices on items, which can really come in handy for big purchases like furniture. And they can create a timeless look that lasts, so you’ll save money by not having to buy the next hot trend. 

They’re great editors. Have you seen the episode of Cheers where Frasier and Lilith hire an interior designer who wants to tear down walls that would leave them without a kitchen or bedroom? They end up firing the designer and hiring Norm instead, who transforms their space into something beautiful and practical. 

The lesson here is that you want to hire a good designer who can help you edit your vision so that it works in the best ways possible. We all need a good, honest opinion from time to time, especially when it comes to our homes. 

For the “Wow Factor.” Your builders will make sure your custom home is spectacular, so it goes without saying that it should be pretty incredible on the inside, too. That’s where interior designers come in. They can draw from their experience, training, and talent to create something truly unique and unforgettable. 

Ready to move? Give the team at Classic Living Homes a call. Before you know it, you’ll be ready to work with your interior designer to truly create the home of your dreams.