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A thankful shout-out to Steph Ryan

Hyde Park Moms ReviewA Kurlemann family member happened to come across a post on the website concerning her experience with Classic Living Homes. After the builder, Bernie Kurlemann, was made aware of this impromptu post, he reached out to Steph Ryan, the post writer and past client. This post shown in the photo to the left is a small window into what this home buyer saw in Bernie that made the experience special. Here is the text thread:

"My daughter, who lives in Hyde Park, forwarded a post that you did for the Hyde Park Moms group regarding your builder. Thanks so much. Couldn't have said it better myself. Especially the part about my personality."

"Hahaha! We loved building with you. Some people want the warm and fuzzy. They won't be a fit."

"I can do warm and fuzzy, but only after a liter or two of beer at Hoffbrauhaus."

"Haha! I have been giving your name out a lot lately. Hope it turns into an opportunity. Honestly, we had a lot of fun working with you and your team. We get lots of compliments on the quality of workmanship."

Our summary
"Reviews from the heart mean the most. Our happening to find Steph's post was awesome. Social media is a wonderful thing, but if you want to get ahold of this builder, call him. He'll pick up. Bernie is a phone guy. He likes personal contact to deliver 100% on expectations. He will meet you for your beverage of choice, and you'll find that his ideas and philosophy on custom home construction are like no other builder in Cincinnati. Thanks again Steph!"