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Cincinnati LEED Certified homes are a trend that’s here to stay

Cincinnati LEED CertificationAs a leading custom home builder in Cincinnati, Classic Living Homes has been on the forefront of the green home movement for more than a decade. That’s why we can say with confidence that eco-friendly home building isn’t a passing trend – it’s one that’s here to stay. 

Today, LEED certified homes are becoming the gold standard for our clients, and our team works closely with clients, designers and architects, throughout the construction process to ensure every guideline is followed to achieve the LEED certified status. 

What is LEED certification? 

LEED is a flexible green building program that allows builders to accrue points as they apply established strategies and practices to achieve certification, hence the term “LEED certified.” 

There are a variety of rating systems based on the type of construction project at hand, including building design + construction, homes, interior design + construction, and neighborhood developments. That’s right – entire home communities here in Cincinnati (and elsewhere) can be LEED certified. 

Once you decide to build a LEED certified home, our team will incorporate green, sustainable building practices throughout the entire construction phase. When the construction is complete, your new home will have earned a LEED certificate that recognizes it as a sustainable home, designed to have a positive impact on the planet. 

Benefits of a LEED certified home 

Custom built green homes aren’t just good for your health and the health of the planet, they’re also incredibly energy efficient and can save you money. Learn about the many benefits of green, LEED certified housing below. 

Health and wellness. There’s peace of mind knowing that the home you live in is helping you and your family stay healthy. 

LEED certified homes are designed to reduce indoor air pollutants and toxins while creating an abundance of clean air. Ventilation systems in LEED homes reduce the amount of carbon monoxide and dangerous chemicals in air, so they are extremely beneficial for people with allergies, asthma, or lung conditions. 

LEED certified homes also use appliances that add less volatile organic compounds (VODs) to the air, are radon-resistant (radon is a leading cause of lung cancer), and feature state-of-the-art air filtering systems to rid air of mold spores and dust. 

Energy saving. Building an eco-friendly home can save energy in a variety of ways. All LEED certified homes are designed to be energy-efficient and air-tight, and are fitted with the appliances that carry the energy star-rating. 

And LEED certified buildings can save homeowners a considerable amount of money – up to 40% – on energy and water bills. 

Sustainability.  If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint and make the world cleaner and healthier for future generations, living in a green home is key. At the heart of LEED certification is the goal of making buildings that are simply better for the planet. 

LEED certified homes use eco-friendly materials like reclaimed or recycled wood or bamboo flooring that keep trees in the ground which, in turn, helps air quality and cuts pollution. Low-flow toilets and showerheads in bathrooms reduce water usage, energy-efficient appliances are used in kitchens, and landscape techniques used in LEED certified homes are designed to conserve water. 

Higher resale value. Choosing to build a custom, LEED certified home in Cincinnati doesn’t raise construction costs. In fact, should you ever decide to sell your home, there’s a very good chance that it will take less time to find a buyer, and will be sold for more money. That makes green building a great investment. 

Additionally, many LEED certified homes are eligible for tax breaks and other incentives like zoning allowances and event grants, as more legislations are seeing the value and importance of eco-friendly, sustainable housing. 

Resilience. Because LEED certified homes are built with durable materials that are sustainable, they’re built to last. They are also inspected and performance tested by a third-party organization, so you can trust that your custom home is being built to follow the highest of standards. 

Today, more than ever, Cincinnati homeowners are choosing sustainable, eco-friendly dwellings, and as we look for ways to ease global warming and reduce pollution, more and more people are going to put LEED certified living at the top of their list. 

As a LEED-certified builder, Classic Living Homes is passionate about constructing beautiful homes that are also good for you and the planet.