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Choosing the best outdoor fireplace for your home

Fireplace AIt’s a trend that’s here to stay, and we couldn’t love it more. We’re talking about outdoor fireplaces, one of the most elegant and captivating ways to transform your outdoor living space into an inviting oasis for entertaining and relaxation.

The type of outdoor fireplace you choose will depending on your home’s signature style, and no matter what that style may be – whether classic or contemporary – you’ll find one (or several) you’ll love.

Outdoor fireplaces can be either gas or wood-burning. Like they often are indoors, gas fireplaces are typically easier to use (than wood-burning fireplaces) with the benefit of being able to operate it remotely. They’re also considered safer, and are often easier to faster to install in your outdoor space.

Alternatively, a wood-burning outdoor fireplace creates a certain ambiance. There’s nothing quite like listening to the sound of cracking wood or smelling the air as you settle in by the fire.

You’ll also need to decide what materials you want for your fireplace design. Granite, stone and brick are all traditional materials that add a high-end, classic look to your outdoor space, while steel and glass fireplaces add modern, contemporary flair.

Below are some of our favorite outdoor fireplaces to get you inspired, just in time for fall.

Fireplace BDouble sided outdoor fireplaces
Double sided outdoor fireplaces give you the benefit of enjoying your fire from two sides, which gives you even more use of your outdoor living space. Consider making this fireplace the focal point of the area, surrounded by cozy chairs and couches and comfy oversized pillows.

We love the Escea EF5000 Gas Outdoor Fireplace with Florentine Bronze Fascia. Made from marine grade stainless steel, it has an innovative flue-less design which makes installation easy. You can surround its flames with various materials including stone, beads or river rocks. There’s also a glass rim that you can fill with anything from fire glass to seashells.

Brick outdoor fireplace
Brick outdoor fireplaces bring the indoors out; giving you both the comfort that you find around the fire inside, with the joy you find sitting underneath the stars. Gas and wood-burning models are both popular, and styles and sizes are literally endless, as brink fireplaces can be built to you needs.

One of our favorite brick outdoor fireplaces is a showstopper. The Necessories Grand Fireplace stands six feet high and three feet wide, and is built around a Lennox 36” stainless steel fireplace box. This is wood-burning, gas ready fireplace, so you can choose the functionality you prefer.

Concrete outdoor fireplace
Concrete outdoor fireplaces are a great option if you’re looking for a natural, understated but elegant look for your outdoor space. Take a look at the gorgeous American Fyre Designs Grand Mariposa Outdoor Fireplace. Made from a glass-fiber reinforced concrete frame, it’s made to last.

Fireplace CFire pits
Fire pits have come a long way. Today, many are works of art that can add a touch of sleek sophistication to your outdoor living space. Take a look at the Tacora Manual Ignition Fire Pit in copper. The patina on the copper creates a gorgeous finish that will only get better over time. You can chose from a variety of materials to line your fire pit – from fire glass to lava rock. It also features an automated ignition system so you can turn it on easily.