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Cincinnati’s top garden spots for spring inspiration

Eden Park flowersForget spring cleaning
What we’re excited about is spring décor and the chance to plan for the warmer days ahead. When it comes to indoor and outdoor design, now is the perfect time to gather inspiration thanks to the changing seasons and turn those great ideas into reality. 

But what if it’s still cold and grey outside? Never mind that. All across the city, there are fabulous places to visit that will get you looking forward to the spring and summer months ahead. Below are our top choices for places to visit for a little spring design inspiration. 

Eden Park and Mount Adams 
If you take a brisk walk around Eden Park, you’ll notice spring just starting to make an appearance. There are buds blooming on the magnolia trees, and green grass is starting to grow on the hillsides. Take a visit to Eden Park and stop in at Krohn Conservatory for the Bloom & Grow exhibit, where you can walk amid blooming tulips and daffodils. Then, venture up the hill to the Cincinnati Art Museum. We love the CAM for home décor inspiration for any time of the year. 

Local greenhouses 
No matter where you live in the city, there’s sure to be a great greenhouse near you. Take a visit to Bloomin’ Garden Centre in Kenwood, Burger Farm and Garden Center in Newtown, or AJ Rahn Greenhouse on Grey Road just past Spring Grove Cemetery. AJ Rahn has been one of Cincinnati’s premier greenhouses for generations. Look now for  daffodils, tulips, hyacinth, and of course, pansies. 

Turner Farm 
One of three working farms in Indian Hill, Turner Farm features pastures, gardens, meadows and wooded areas. The farm is dedicated to organic growing and offers a variety of adult education classes including cooking classes in a state-of-the-art kitchen. The farm also features a market with organic vegetables and herbs. 

A visit to Turner Farm and the market will definitely get you ready for spring. Prices are written on a chalkboard and they provide grocery bags so you don’t have to bring your own. 

Located in a former gas station in College Hill, Fern sells indoor plants and unique, hand crafted planters. It’s a beautiful space that will likely leave you inspired to bring a little plant beauty into your own home. The team at Fern can help you choose the best plants for your living space, and have plenty of options if your thumb is less than green. 

Gia and the Blooms 
What better time of the year to fill your home with flowers than late February? While shopping for flowers at Kroger is absolutely fine, might we suggest making a trip to Over-the-Rhine for a visit to Gia and the Blooms? This sweet flower ship, named after the owner’s dog, features unique and stunning floral arrangements with a lean towards the contemporary. 

The shop also offers floral design classes, but make sure you sign up early because they fill up quickly. They also have a very wide delivery area, and they donate a portion of their sales to the SPCA. 

Spring Grove Cemetery 
We’re lucky to live in a city with one of the most amazing cemeteries in the country. Beyond being a resting place for loved ones, Spring Grove Cemetery also features a renowned arboretum and an incredible array of trees and flowers. While spring and summer are spectacular times to visit Spring Grove (although it’s stunning adorned in snow, too), it’s inspiring any time of the year. 

Spring Grove’s horticulturalist offers monthly classes for outdoor enthusiasts who can apply what they learn in their own gardens. For example, you could take a class on pruning or attend a seminar on Ohio’s native plants. 

Yes, Bromwell’s has a reputation of being one of Cincinnati’s premier places to find fireplace products. And yes, we know this is an article about spring décor inspiration. But here’s the thing, Bromwell’s is a fantastic place to find top-quality, high-end outdoor fireplaces and grills. They’re also a great source for firepit components. 

Bromwell’s has worked with top designers, builders and architects and have created some spectacular outdoor living spaces in custom homes throughout Cincinnati. What better way to celebrate the warmer months that are coming our way than with a new outdoor fireplace and area for outdoor entertaining and relaxing?

Sunnier days are coming!
Now is the time to get your home and yard ready for the spring and summer months that are on the horizon.