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Creating a chef-worthy kitchen in your custom built home 

creating a chef worthy custom kitchenIf you can’t wait to spend hours whipping up Michelin star quality dinners for your loved ones, or if you’re the one in charge of preparing meals on a daily basis for a busy family on-the-go, why not consider adding a chef-worthy kitchen to your custom built home? 

Professional kitchens are designed with functionality in mind and are made to go the distance, thanks to high-performance appliances, durable materials, and storage solutions that put everything you need to create impressive, chef-inspired meals at your fingertips. 

Whether you’re a novice baker or a skilled gourmet chef, you’ll want to check out our tips below before you get started designing a kitchen fit for a chef (or for anyone who wants a kitchen customized for maximum efficiency for that matter) so you can whip up everything from weeknight dinners to holiday feasts with minimal stress. 

Don’t skimp on counter space 

One of the biggest hallmarks of a professional kitchen is its ample counter space. Make sure to maximize counter space by keeping it in close proximity to often used appliances like the oven and refrigerator.  Choose a durable material for your countertops like quartz, marble, or a surface product like Corian, that are antibacterial and won’t stain. 

Install Two Sinks 

With two sinks on hand, you can use one to wash and peel vegetables and the other to stack and wash dishes. Your kitchen sinks should be deep enough for water not to splash, so choose longer faucets as well. We like stainless steel sinks best because of their durability, but don’t be afraid to use sinks made from other materials like porcelain or soapstone. 

Don’t forget about lighting 

Great lighting in the kitchen can make preparing meals safer and can add a tremendous amount of ambiance to get your creative wheels turning. When designing your kitchen, include ample sources of natural light like large windows and skylights. Use task and track lighting inside and around cabinets, pendant lighting above island countertops and bars, and plenty of ambient lighting. 

Choose built in, smart appliances 

Built in appliances create a sleeker, streamlined look in your kitchen while also freeing up space. Choose ovens, dishwashers, microwaves and even coffee makers that are built in. You’ll want to take full advantage of smart technology in the kitchen as well. 

Smart ovens can be controlled remotely and use technology to adjust cooking temperatures for optimum results, while most smart refrigerators feature screens so you can view recipes, see what’s in the fridge without opening the door, and adjust the temperature from your phone. 

Include plenty of storage 

Let’s face it, the last thing you want to deal with when cooking a big, important meal is hunting around for a spice or utensil. Optimized kitchen storage alleviates this issue by putting everything you need within easy access. 

Consider designing your kitchen with large pantries with built-in shelving, walk-in style pantries, and customized cabinetry. There are many choices when it comes to customized storage solutions for your home. We love California Closet’s pantries that come in several styles and options. 

A word about wine cellars 

A great meal is always accompanied by an equally great beverage – isn’t that the rule? If you’re a wine enthusiast, you might want to add a wine cellar as part of your kitchen storage. 

Of course, wine cellars need not be the large impressive rooms you see on television. This EdgeStar wine cooler, for example, is sleek, simple and would work well in any kitchen, while a kitchen closet or cupboard can easily be transformed into a wine “cellar.” Of course, since the Cincinnati area is filled with great breweries, it’s important to note that your wine storage could easily accommodate craft beer, too. 

As you can see, adding a chef-worthy kitchen to your custom built home isn’t too difficult. It all boils down to creating a space that’s functional, practical, and durable while still being inviting and inspiring.