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Creating a Safe and Secure Custom Built Cincinnati Home

Safe home imageCincinnati... You’ve worked hard to create your dream home, so make sure that you do everything you can to protect it and your family – and don’t wait. We recommend working with your builder as soon as plans get underway to build your custom home. Together, you can create a tailor-made plan that gives you peace of mind. 

Below are important elements to include when designing a home that puts safety and security at the top of the list. From having a game plan for emergencies like home fires to simple safety features like smart locks and automated lighting, this comprehensive list covers what you need to sleep worry-free knowing that your most precious possessions are safe and secure. 

Install a security system 

Your new custom home needs the very best protection available from criminals. Today, home security systems can be as customized as your home itself. Most are tailored to suit your security needs to keep you and your family as safe can be. 

Nearly all major homes security companies, including ADT, offer customizable smart home security systems that feature everything from door and window sensors to motion detectors and surveillance cameras. Some even come with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and water sensors to protect your home from water damage and flooding. 

Note: Most of these systems offer self-installation but we recommend having a professional do the installation instead to ensure your home’s security system is working its very best. 

5 security systems ranked for your custom built home  

Use home security cameras 

Take advantage of smart home security cameras by connecting them directly with your home’s security system. This will allow you to check on your home from all over the globe. 

These cameras feature motion activated recording and you can control the camera via a mobile app. Many smart home security cameras will notify you should anything seem suspicious – like a door that’s opened when the house is empty or a breaking window – and will send an image of the situation to your phone. The mobile app will also notify the police if necessary. 

Install automated lighting 

Recently, we featured a blog on outdoor lighting, and while it focuses mostly on how it can elevate the look of your custom home, we also touched on how outdoor lighting can help keep your home safe. 

Motion sensor lights are nothing new, but today they come in a variety of styles and can be controlled from your smart phone. They’re also extremely energy efficient and can increase safety for you and your family – for example by lighting up a walkway in the dark. 

Outdoor lighting accentuates the beauty of your home 

Use smart locks 

Instead of installing traditional locks, why not secure your custom home with smart locks instead? These new locks offer better protection than a deadbolt because they come with the ability to lock, unlock and check the doors remotely from anywhere. You can also give your digital key code to family members and friends, so you’ll never be locked out of the house again. 

Add kid safety feaatures

If you have young children, make sure that you work with your builder to design a home that puts their safety top-of-mind. For example, you could add built in child gates at the top of the stairs. These are often safer than the child gates you buy in stores because they are crafted to fit the staircase landing perfectly. 

You could also choose rounded countertops, so the kids don’t bump into a sharp corner. And you could install safety locks on the cabinetry to make sure item like medicine and sharp cutlery are completely out of their reach. 

Have a second story fire escape plan 

Talk to your builder about installing a fire escape ladder. Whether you choose a webbing ladder attached to a windowsill or a built-in metal ladder, these are very important to have for your new home. Choose ladders with anti-slip rungs and consider a slide – not unlike those that are used to escape airplanes. 

Plan for fire extinguishers 

In addition to having an escape plan, make sure to work with your builder to identify the best places in your new custom home for smoke alarms. It’s also important to find areas for fire extinguishers, and the best time to do this is during the design process. 

Don’t forget about the garage  

When planning security for your custom home, don’t forget about your garage. One of the best and easiest ways to keep your car and all your belongings in your garage safe is to invest in a smart garage door opener. 

LiftMaster’s MyQ technology, for example, allows you to open and close your garage door from anywhere in the world, monitor your garage remotely and receive notifications when the garage door is open. 

Invest in a home safe 

Home safes have always been one of the best ways to keep your valuables secure. Today’s safes are sleek and modern in design and can be customized for your needs and your home’s aesthetic. Most are crafted with carbon fiber and feature design elements like custom sculpted handles. 

Whether you need a safe place to keep your jewelry and watches or a larger safe for family heirlooms and anything else that’s priceless to you, you’re sure to find a safe that fits your needs. 

We’ve been building homes and keeping homeowners safe for decades and can help you create a custom home security plan that protects you and your family. Contact us when you’re ready to talk home security.