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Custom appliances - a better fit for numerous reasons

Custom Distributors appliances imagesSo, what do custom homes and custom appliances have in common? A lot. Both are tailored to the needs of you and your family. Both are designed with ease of living in mind, and both are exceptionally well-crafted. 

At Classic Living Homes, we partner with Cincinnati’s Custom Distributors, which is among the region’s finest custom appliance companies. Not only are their products second-to-none, but their customer service is too. 

So, why choose custom appliances for your home? The reasons are extensive, but we’ve narrowed it down to six important ones below. 

High performance
When you invest in custom appliances, you can be confident they’ll work incredibly well. For example, if you are a home chef (or even if your culinary prowess stops at PB&J sandwiches), you’ll appreciate never having to worry about the gas stove lighting or oven temps that aren’t quite right. 

In fact, Custom Distributors’ corporate chef, Kathy Damm, is always available to talk to about the benefits of custom home appliances and can even show you firsthand how beneficial they truly are. 

Long lasting
Unfortunately, most store-bought appliances don’t last much longer than, say, five years. After that, kitchen appliances, not to mention those throughout the home - from the bathroom to the laundry room - start to lose their efficiency. And with more and more use, that wear-and-tear can amount to higher energy bills. 

Custom appliances, however, are built to last. They are constructed from the highest quality materials and come with exceptional warranties. They’re also installed by expert technicians. 

Great appearance
Beautiful design and craftsmanship is at the heart of custom home building. With that in mind, it goes without saying that the appliances you choose should be well-crafted and elevate the look of your new home. 

Custom appliances are designed by professionals who will customize them to suit your taste, style, and your needs. They’ll blend seamlessly into your home and accentuate its unique features and beauty. 

Ease of living
Since custom built homes put accessibly front and center, your appliances should, too. Custom appliances are designed not only to suit your tastes, but your lifestyle and needs. If you have a mobility issue, for example, you can choose appliances that are designed for easy access. You can also choose appliances that will last as you age in place. 

The greener choice
As a LEED certified builder, Custom Living Homes is proud to work with Custom Distributors because they put green living first. New custom appliances are designed with the planet in mind and incorporate smart technology wherever possible. This not only helps you reduce your home’s carbon footprint, it could also help you save on your energy bills. 

More intelligent
As we said above, today’s custom home appliances take full advantage of smart technology. In the kitchen, smart stoves can regulate temperatures and turn on and off without you having to be in the room and smart refrigerators can show you recipes on the door while you cook. 

In the bathroom, smart mirrors adjust lighting so you can look fabulous in a pinch, and smart shower heads let you control water temperature, spray and even speakers with your voice or a single touch. 

Ready to learn more about why custom appliances are a better fit for your custom built home in Cincinnati? Contact the team at Classic Living Homes today.