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Eight autumn ideas home owners (and dreamers) will fall for

8 fall tips for your homeWho’s ready for fall? We certainly are. We love the start of autumn, when the leaves are just beginning to turn and the weather here in Cincinnati gets a little cooler. For home owners, the fall months are a great time to start something new or make changes before the new year. 

Whether you’re ready to begin building the home of your dreams, or want to enhance the one you’re already in, we’ve put together a list of great things to do this fall (spoiler alert: the last tip is the best!). 

Start planning your dream home. Classic Living builds homes all year round, so the time is always right to begin planning yours. If you start your custom home building journey in the fall, you can take the rest of the year to consider important factors like your new home’s location and floor plans. 

Then, when the construction begins early next year, there is a good chance your new home will be ready by the time the next fall season rolls around. Think of it this way: If you started making plans now, you could be ringing in 2022 in the home you’ve always wanted. 

Schedule your painting plans now. Most of the city’s top painting companies book way in advance and their schedules get full this time of year when homeowners are trying to make décor changes before the cold weather sets in. Make an appointment with your painter now, before the pre-winter rush starts and they hang up their ladders until 2021. 

Call the landscapers, too. Like painters, landscapers are very busy in the fall, too, when they’re getting yards ready for the colder weather. Because roots are still growing in the fall and winter months, this is the time to fertilize your yard, which will help protect it from winter damage. 

Landscapers can also treat your gardens, trees and shrubbery, clear your yard of any leaves and debris, and plant fall flowers. 

Get ready for outdoor fall entertaining. Few places are as ideal as your own backyard for taking in the cool, fresh autumn air. Make your deck, patio or backyard a place to relax with friends and family this fall by installing an outdoor fireplace or fitting your outdoor furniture with plush, comfortable fabrics. 

And who says grilling out is for summers? Keep on grilling, or better yet, if you’re an aspiring chef or foodie, fit your custom home with an outdoor kitchen. 

Is your home ready for guests? While we may be hosting smaller parties this year, there’s a good chance you’ll be welcoming guests in the coming months, including some who will be staying overnight. Get your home ready now by redecorating guest bedrooms and bathrooms before your schedule gets busy during the holidays. 

Schedule home maintenance. Make sure your home is in working order before the winter months. Have a professional inspect your plumbing, roof and heating system now. You’ll also want to make sure your garage door and opener are working properly before it gets cold outside. 

Consider your home’s air quality. Today’s custom homes are designed to be healthy – from sustainable building materials to energy-efficient appliances. They also feature excellent air filtration systems. Still, it’s important to check your home’s air filters in the fall. 

It’s also a great time to invest in a total home air filtering system if you don’t have one or invest in new, portable air purifiers that can kill various pollutants including mold, viruses, allergens. 

Start making home plans for 2021. What a year, right? Why not do something fabulous next year for your home? Maybe it’s creating the backyard of your dreams, complete with gardens and a modern swimming pool, or maybe it’s time to build the home you’ve always wanted. If so, let’s get started. Give the team at Classic Living Home a call.