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Exploring the magnificent parks of Indian Hill 

Stanley Rowe ArboretumNature lovers take note: If you’re considering building a home in Cincinnati, look no further than Indian Hill, where you’ll find some of Cincinnati’s most beautiful parks. Not only are they extremely well-maintained, but they’re also perfect places to exercise, bird-watch, or have a picnic. 

And since they’re tucked away throughout Indian Hill, they’re also some of the city’s best kept secrets. Below, we walk you through some of our favorite outdoor escapes in Indian Hill. 

Stanley M. Rowe Arboretum 

From the moment you see the gates of the Stanley M. Rowe Arboretum, you know you’re in a very special place. You’ve got to be buzzed into the park, which evokes the feeling that you’re in a very private park (and essentially you are). This alone makes it a bit different than typical parks across the city. 

What really makes the Rowe Arboretum unique is its incredible, diverse collection of trees. The arboretum itself is about 8.9 miles and features nearly 1,800 different species of trees and shrubs. In fact, the American Horticultural Society has recognized the Rowe Arboretum for its stellar collection. 

The arboretum was established by Indian Hill resident Stanley M. Rowe and his wife Dorothy Snowden Rowe in 1926 as an attempt to reforest the area that had been used for farming and pastures over the years. Stanley passed away in 1987 but his passion for trees and shrubbery continues today at the arboretum. 

Throughout the park, you’ll find several types of trees and shrubs not typically grown in the area. There are also little hideaways where you can sit and take in the beautiful scenery. It’s also a phenomenal place for birdwatching, so bring your binoculars. 

Rowe Arboretum is a great park for families with children because it offers unlimited opportunities for them to learn about trees, including a spot with a cut out from a huge tree and a petrified tree stump. It’s also good to note that’s it’s dog-friendly. You can find bags to clean up your pup’s waste at the small parking lot. 

Rheinstrom Park 

Another Indian Hill gem is Rheinstrom Park, which features a .8 mile walking trail through a wooded area. There’s also an open green space with park benches and plenty of shaded grassy areas that are perfect for a picnic. 

During a walk on the trail, you’ll have opportunities to explore the woods thanks to smaller, unpaved trails that take you through denser wooded areas and a lovely meadow area. Dog lovers will be very happy at Rheinstrom Park (and the dogs will be even happier). 

Not only is the park dog-friendly, but you can often find jugs of water and water bowls in the park left for canine walking companions. 

It’s also important to mention that both Rowe Arboretum and Rheinstrom Park are free and open from dawn to dusk (Rheinstrom Park closes one hour after the sun goes down) and walking trails at both locations are currently one-way to encourage social distancing by making it easier to stay six feet apart. 

Writer’s note: We explored Rowe Arboretum and Rheinstrom Park on a gorgeous 75 degree day during the weekend and neither parks were crowded. Fellow visitors were very friendly and happy to give us plenty of space. 

More Indian Hill Parks 

In addition to Rowe Arboretum and Rheinstrom Park, other opportunities to explore the great outdoors in Indian Hill include Radio Range Park, a little dog-friendly park with a great sheltered area for picnicking, and Whitaker Park, which offers a beautiful, shaded walking trail. 

Another not-to-miss is Turner Farm. While not a park per se, the working farm features a forest area, community gardens and an excellent market that offers seasonal local food. 

Indian Hill is already one of Cincinnati’s most desirable neighborhoods to live in thanks to its excellent schools, history, and location – and its wonderful parks make it even more desirable. Indian Hill has some of the most beautiful parks in the region.