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Five great reasons to choose a new custom home over renovating

five reason to build a custom homeShould I remodel the home I have now or is it time to start fresh with a custom built home instead? Whether your current home no longer fits your needs, or you’re simply ready to live in the house of your dreams, this is one of the most important questions you’ll need to answer before taking the next big steps.     

Renovating your home may seem like the most practical solution, but when you take a closer look at everything from costs to comfort, building a custom home can offer many more benefits, especially if the renovations you want to make are extensive. 

Take a look below at five big reasons to choose a custom-built home over renovating the home you’re already in. 

Location, location, location

Many homeowners choose to relocate and build a new home instead of renovating (or rebuilding on their present lot) so they can live in their ideal location. Perhaps you live in the city and are ready for plenty of trees and green space, or maybe your family is growing and it’s time for a bigger home in an area with a great school system. 

Whatever the reason, your builder can help you choose the very best location - whether it’s in the city or the suburbs - that matches your lifestyle beautifully.   

Ultimate customization 

When you renovate or remodel your existing home, you still have to stick within your home’s footprint, so there may be a limit to the customizing you can do. In fact, you may need to get creative with the layout (if you’ve ever visited a home with rooms in odd places after it’s been remodeled, you know what we mean). 

With a custom home, however, you choose the floorplans. And since most are designed to be multigenerational, they’ll compliment your lifestyle for decades, so you won’t have to worry about planning a move (or remodeling) just because you’ve outgrown where you live. 

You’ll also have the opportunity to work with an entire team of experts when you build your custom home – from builders to interior designers, decorators to landscape architects.    

Green living 

While remodeling your home can afford you the chance to add eco-friendly options like green appliances and better window solutions, you may not be able to make the kinds of structural changes that can really make it a “green” home. 

For this, your best bet is to choose a custom-built home crafted by a LEED certified builder like Classic Living Homes. 

From tightly sealed windows and doors, to well-insulated walls, to green appliances, new custom homes are designed with energy efficiency high on the list of priorities.   

Want to kick it up a notch? Design a new home that uses solar power and a system that collects rainwater for home use. You could even install a green roof to help cool your home naturally. 

Better long-term value 

We won’t pretend that remodeling your existing home isn't the more budget-friendly choice… but that’s usually in the short term. Eventually, those renovations may not be exactly what you need as your family grows or when your tastes change. 

Additionally, your renovations might not be what other homeowners need or want, so all that remodeling could, in fact, lower your home’s value. 

If you make any structural or other types of big changes to your existing structure on a routine basis, the costs will start adding up. That’s when building a custom home makes far more sense from a cost perspective. 

As we discussed above, custom built homes are usually more eco-friendly – and the greener you go, the more “green” you’ll save. 

Less red tape = less headaches 

Once you decide to renovate or tear down your existing home to build a new one, you may be surprised at all the red tape you’ll have to go through to get approval from housing authorities, especially if you own an historic building. In fact, in some cases, depending on your mortgage or city planning department, you may not be able to make any significant renovations at all. 

When you choose to build a new custom home, you won’t have to wait for building permits. Your building team has this part of the process covered. And that means you can spend your time creating the place you’ve always dreamed of calling home. 

Still unsure what option is best for you and your family? Let the team at Classic Living Homes help you design a home you’ll be proud to live in for generations to come.