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Five places to visit in Cincinnati for design inspiration 

Cincinnati Design InspirationSometimes the best ideas for home design and décor aren’t found in magazines, books, or shows on HGTV, but in your own backyard. In fact, if you’re looking for design inspiration, all you have to do is visit some of Cincinnati’s cultural gems. 

When it comes to design, Cincinnati is nationally recognized for everything from art deco architecture to horticulture. From Indian Hill to Over-the-Rhine, and plenty of places in between, you can find buildings, landscapes, and views to fuel your imagination and creativity as you plan the home of your dreams. 

Ready to get started? Here’s our list of five must-visit places in Cincinnati that are sure to inspire you as you design your custom home. 

Cincinnati’s art museums
We’re going to start with a trio of our favorite places for design inspiration: The Cincinnati Art Museum, the Taft Museum of Fine Art, and the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center. Spend a day touring all or one of the museums and notice what captures your attention. Whatever it is, whether it’s a painting in your favorite wing, or Zaha Hadid’s iconic architecture at the CAC, it can serve as wonderful inspiration for your home. 

Krohn Conservatory
There are so many reasons to include places for plants in your home’s design. Not only can plants improve the air quality, but they’re also known for bringing tranquility and a sense of calm to any room in the house. 

It can be challenging, however, to know which plants will work best in your home, especially if you don’t have a green thumb. If that sounds like you, we recommend paying a visit to Krohn Conservatory in Eden Park to get a little inspiration. It’s a downright gorgeous place, filled with every plant and flower imaginable. 

After a visit, you’ll be ready to head to the greenhouse and choose the best plants to thrive in and beautify your home. 

The Rowe Arboretum
If you’re ready to landscape your yard with new trees and shrubs but don’t know where to start, head over to the Rowe Arboretum. Located in Indian Hill, this incredible park is free and open to the public seven days a week. 

The arboretum features nearly 1,800 different species of trees and shrubs and has even been recognized by the American Horticultural Society for its stellar collection. And what’s also great about Rowe Arboretum is that every tree and shrub is identified, so bring a notebook and pen to jot down the names of the ones you like (or simply take a photo with your phone). 

Ault Park
There’s a reason why Ault Park is the city’s most popular place for weddings. From the amazing rose and flower gardens to the soaring views at the overlooks, Ault Park is a fantastic place for garden inspiration. But we like it for the views as well. In fact, they may just help you when you’re thinking about window placement and the kinds of views you’d like to have when you look outside your custom home. 

With more Italianate architecture than anywhere else in the country, Over-the-Rhine is definitely a place to go for design inspiration. 

Places like Music Hall and Memorial Hall are obvious choices, especially if you prefer classic design (warning: Music Hall may give you chandelier envy) but you can also find plenty to be inspired by at places like the Symphony Hotel and the myriad of restaurants and shops that have taken old historic buildings – many that were on their last legs - and transformed them into something completely new and incredible. 

Ready to take the next big step towards living in a custom home? The team at Classic Living Homes can help. From concept to completion, we’ll be with you every step of the way to turn your dream home into a reality.