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How to have a pet-friendly, beautiful home

Pet friendly Classic Living HomesIs it possible to have a beautiful home that looks as clean and inviting as the day you first saw it if you’re also a pet owner? The answer may surprise you. Yes, you can. 

Sharing your home with cats or dogs (or both) doesn’t mean you have to say good-bye to intact furniture, clean carpets, or a less-than-beautiful home. In fact, decorating and designing a home with your pets in mind not only helps keep your house looking its best, it also makes Fido and his feline friends feel happy at home, too. 

Don’t let your pets dampen the beauty of your special home. Here are some pet-friendly home design ideas that may inspire you. 

Choose the right flooring. Dog owners will especially want to look at durable flooring like ceramic tile that’s easy to clean. If you’re looking at hardwood floor options, choose a stronger wood like mahogany or oak, and steer clear of softer wood like pine which may show scratches from your pet’s nails. 

Look for slip resistant rugs that will stay put when your pup lands after a long walk. We also like seagrass mats for doorways from the outdoors that add natural flair and are easy to clean. 

Invest in leather furniture, but with caution. Luxurious leather sofas aren’t just on trend right now, they’re also timeless, which makes them a great investment now, or anytime. If you’re a pet owner, however, you’re going to want to choose a top grain, very high quality leather. Semi-aniline leather hides add extra protection. On the plus side, leather is a great material for pet owners, too, because it’s easy to clean.

Protect your upholstery. Designer sofas are great, until the cat uses an arm as a scratching post. While there are natural sprays that deter cats from scratching on things they shouldn’t and pet behavior modification techniques, it’s also a good idea to use slipcovers on your cherished furniture. Many sofa companies offer slipcovers that can be washed, and you can always remove them before guests arrive. 

Use semi-gloss paint. Choose beautiful colors for your rooms in semi-gloss paint that can be easily wiped. If matte finish is really what you want to use, consider a washable flat paint. 

Have a designated pet area. A pet area is a great way to keep mud and dirt acquired from dog romps in the yard and on walks from getting anywhere else in the home. If the area is an actual room (as opposed to an entry way) it can also serve as a nice place for cats to escape when they crave some alone time. 

The area can include wall hooks for leashes, old towels for wiping muddy paws, food, treats, medicine, shelves where cats can hide, rain boots, umbrellas, and dog beds. Get creative, and customize the area to suit your four-legged family member. 

Think vertically. If you own cats, look no further than to walls in your home to give your feline even more room to enjoy life. Simple wall shelves can be mounted like stairs so that cats can climb and perch high above everyone. Cat ladders and trees are another way to add more room for cats. We love these customized cat ladders crafted from high quality wood. 

To really spice things up for the kitties, consider investing in a customized catio, an enclosed outdoor area just for your cats, where they can lay in the sun, climb and perch, and hide when they want to, all while staying safe.