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Intuitive ways to give your custom built home a healthy aire 

Creating a healthy aire at homeYour home should be a haven for health and well-being; a place to recharge after a long day, where you can feel your best. Since we spend up to 80 percent of our time in our home, it’s essential that it’s a healthy one, with clean air, features that keep you and your loved ones safe, and elements that help you feel less stressed. 

Choosing a custom home built by a LEED certified builder is one of the best things you can do to for you and your family’s health. That’s because LEED certified homes are crafted using the safest building materials of the highest quality for clean air and energy efficiency. 

If you live in a LEED certified home, you’ve taken the biggest step forward when it comes to healthy home living, but there are some simple things you can do to reinforce your home’s health and help it go the extra mile. 

From using the latest technology in the kitchen, to adding more indoor plants, to forbidding laptops and smartphones come bedtime (with one exception!), there are many easy ways to create a healthy home. Take a look at our ideas below. 

Use non-toxic paints. Always choose paints and finishes that are free from harmful chemicals and gases. Essentially, you should look for paints that are free from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that can be extremely harmful to your health and cause an array of symptoms including respiratory problems, dizziness and headaches. 

If you’re living in a custom built home, you won’t have to worry about stripping paint with VOCs because today’s builders choose the heathiest materials possible – but in the event that you need to remove paint with VOCs take extra caution by wearing a mask and making sure the room is very well ventilated. 

Go high tech. Today’s custom built homes feature smart technology everywhere from the garage to the kitchen, and for good reason. A smart garage door opener lets you monitor when your garage door opens and closes from anywhere in the world, and smart refrigerators can show you what’s inside without needing to open the door. 

Did you know there are variety of smart tech home devices that can enhance your mental, emotional and mental health? We like the Sound + Sleep white noise machine that can detect noises in your environment and modify the white noise to cancel it out. You can choose from various sounds including a waterfall, the ocean, and a fireplace. And you can customize the sounds to make them seem even more natural. 

Molekule air filter is consistently ranked one of the best for its use of a dual-filtration system that kills various pollutants including mold, viruses, allergens and chemicals on a molecular level. It’s also extremely quiet and energy efficient. You may also want to consider installing a whole house air filter. 

Add some indoor plants. Plants are natural air filters, and studies have also shown that indoor plants can also enhance your mood and make you feel calmer. Many plants can absorb airborne mold and can breakdown dangerous chemicals like benzene, and convert carbon dioxide into oxygen.

Having trouble sleeping? Consider placing a lavender plant in the bedroom. And since bromeliads, orchids and succulents convert carbon dioxide into oxygen at night, you may want to add one or a few to your bedroom, too, for more oxygen while you sleep. 

Use natural cleaners. The funny thing about cleaners is that, while they’re designed to rid your home of toxins to create a safer and healthier environment, many of them can actually do harm to your home’s air quality. In fact, many contain VOCs and can wreak havoc on everything from your respiratory to your endocrine system. 

A quick Google search can yield plenty of easy natural home cleaner recipes, and you can also find green cleaning supplies at your local grocery store. Kroger, for example, carries the Simple Green line of cleaners. 

A safe home is a healthy home. Today’s custom built homes are designed to accommodate many generations living under one roof. Not only are multigenerational homes practical and affordable because you can live in your home for decades to come but they built with safety and stress-free living in mind. 

From extra handrails to walk-in bathtubs in the bathroom, to slip-resistant flooring in any area of the home, these homes are designed to be safe for aging parents and those with special needs, and that, in turn, creates peace of mind for everyone. 

Create a stress-free bedroom. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to maintaining your health. Make it a point to create a master bedroom that’s free from stress; where you can unwind after a long day and sleep soundly so you awake refreshed. 

Make sure your master bedroom is free from clutter, choose a soothing wall color, and use bedding made of natural fibers. You could also add plants or fresh cut flowers, and use essential oil diffusers or a white noise machine. And if you must use your phone at bedtime, let it be to track your sleep cycle. 

Sleep Cycle, for example, is a great app that analyzes your sleep patterns, determines whether you’re a light or heavy sleeper, detects and measures snoring, and will determine your optimal wake up time. 

With these tips, you can create a healthy home in no time, but the benefits are far-reaching and will last for decades to come. Nothing is more important than your health, and great health starts at home.