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Lot choices - Starting the process on a custom foundation

lot choice imageEverything begins with a quality lot. Your builder is a very important partner in this process. They should be able to offer valuable insights on cost, feasibility and function to guarantee a custom fit of the lot in the construction process. So where do you begin when considering building lots? Below are a four Cincinnati building lot options that are traditioanlly popular or trending.

Build on your lot
If you own land that you can envision your new home on, one piece of the custom-build process has already met with your satisfaction… You love the land! This expedites the schedule for you and your builder as you can immediately move to logistics, lot configuration, home style options and estimating.

Tear down lots
Homebuyers are taking strong interest in living closer to the city again. A popular option is to tear down outdated homes and rebuild on the lot. Classic Living Homes specializes in this area of construction and has numerous lot choices presently and finished examples of our work. One such home is our recent Delta Avenue completion in Hyde Park. You can see from the video, the combined vision of the homebuyer and Classic Living’s design and craftsmanship played out nicely. Locating a city lot at a reasonable price and rebuilding benefit the homebuyers in numerous ways. It brings the conveniences and luxury of today’s custom home living to the proximity of a vibrant, established community. Many times there are tax advantages, plus new construction in older, established communities tends to aid appreciating home values.

Locating a stand-alone lot with your builder
Designing and building a home that fully utilizes the unique topography and scenic views surrounding it can be a  rewarding experience for homeowners. It does take careful consideration though. Having a builder’s knowledge at your disposal and the ability to locate quality lots quickly as they come available is helpful. With a simple walk-through, your builder should be able to provide unique insights on lot feasibility, best use of terrain, appropriate home styles for the land, and construction obstacles that you may not notice. Additionally, they can provide excellent judgement on land value versus asking price. Your custom home builder should also have access to, or ownership of, personally selected lots in multiple community settings. Click here to view a recent Classic Living home completion in Indian Hill. The project benefited from the homebuyer and the builder working together to locate and secure the lot, then build an outstanding home maximizing exposure to surrounding natural landscape.

Developed lots
These are found in new planned communities. They feature structured covenant restrictions and have installed utilities including electricity, telephone, water, sewer and land grading. Developed lots present less opportunity for the homebuyer to add their signature on the natural setting surrounding their home. However, there are usually multiple lot choices available to personalize where their home is located within the community and the ability to contribute in the lot’s general landscaping. Examples of Classic Living Homes present improved lots can be viewed at Kensington in Deerfield Township and Capeview Place in Long Cove.

The challenge of finding the perfect lot
Sometimes the best building lots don’t even hit the market because of high demand. Builders today are aggressively seeking these lots far ahead of construction. A great first step is to partner with a builder to explore the options. Whether you own undeveloped rural land, are interested in a private lot in Indian Hill, a tear down in Hyde Park, or an exclusive new community like Mason’s Long Cove, Classic Living Homes wishes to be your valued partner in the process. We offer diversity in present lot options, opportunity in new lot prospects, and vision in terms of best land use.

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