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Old Montgomery – a vibrant community with amazing history   

Montgomery Ohio HistoryThe City of Montgomery calls itself a place with a charming past and a glowing future, and we couldn’t agree more. Today, Old Montgomery, which lies at the heart of the Montgomery community, is filled with new shops and businesses (including Classic Living Home’s offices) as well as some of the best restaurants and cultural attractions in the tristate. 

While Montgomery is the perfect place for families to build a future, the city also has an amazing history that’s easy to experience when you visit Old Montgomery and see its historic homes and other landmarks. This history laid the foundation for what the community is today, and why Classic Living is proud to build custom homes here. 

Montgomery’s beginnings 

The community of Montgomery began in the spring of 1795 when six families from the Village of Montgomery, New York, set out on a journey down to what’s now Pittsburgh, over to Ohio and the Little Miami, until eventually they arrived at what today is Montgomery, Ohio.  

The families decided to settle in Montgomery and built homes near what is now Bethesda North Hospital. Then, they travelled closer to what is now Old Montgomery. By 1816, the area had about a dozen homes, and over the next several decades, Montgomery began to grow and thrive. 

A major event took place in Montgomery in 1863, after a Confederate General named John Hunt Morgan entered Ohio via Louisville, Kentucky, with the goal of taking Union fighters away from the front in Tennessee. 

Within a week, Morgan’s soldiers were in Montgomery, with Union soldiers not far behind. But the Confederate army didn’t stay long because Union soldiers caught up with them. 

Montgomery was incorporated in 1910, and in 1971 it officially became a city. Back then in the early 1900s, the population averaged about 5,000 residents. Today, it’s a bustling area with a small, close-knit community of nearly 11,000 residents. 

Montgomery history lives on today 

One of Montgomery’s traditions is a nod to its sister city, Neuilly-Plaisance, France. We’re talking, of course, about its Bastille Day Celebration, that attracts visitors from all across the city. The event features French cuisine from local restaurants, artwork by area artists, and live music. 

And who doesn’t love Montgomery Inn? Established in 1951, the original location features world famous barbecue. It’s an Old Montgomery icon that hasn’t changed its menu much in decades and for one good reason: it’s not wise to mess with perfection. 

Visit Old Montgomery landmarks

Here’s an idea: Take a trip to Old Montgomery, visit the landmarks highlighted below, then have lunch or dinner at Montgomery Inn. Finish the day with a stroll through historic downtown Montgomery and maybe grab a cone at Walker Bros. Ice Cream

Cameron-Feinthel House (7893 Cooper Road) This beautiful home was built in 1891 and was purchased by the then village clerk in 1941. It’s a great example of a Queen Anne Victorian home. 

Pure Oil Station (9426 Shelley Lane) Designed by C.A. Petersen for the Pure Oil Company, this cottage was moved to Cooper Avenue to preserve it after the community learned there were plans to demolish it. 

Hopewell-Montgomery Presbyterian Church (9430 Shelley Lane) Don’t miss the gorgeous stained-glass windows in Montgomery’s oldest church, built in 1829. 

Montgomery is one of the tristate’s most desirable neighborhoods to build a home, and for good reason. Its location is unbeatable and Montgomery schools are consistently ranked as some of the top in the country. 

Thinking about making Montgomery your home? Contact the team at Classic Living Homes to learn more about this great community and upcoming home opportunities.