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Our top five trends for fall décor

2018 Fall decor ideasAs the temperatures begin to drop it can only mean one thing: fall is on the way. This is the time we start to reach for a sweater when the sun sets, when warm, hearty soups replace light, refreshing salads and plans for the upcoming holidays are starting to take shape. 

Fall is a beautiful time of the year, and it’s a wonderful time to decorate your home and get it ready for parties up ahead, or simply ready for the cozy, comfortable nights you’ll spend in on the couch with a good book and a glass of wine or hot chocolate. 

To get you inspired for fall decorating, we’ve put together our top five trends that are here to stay, long after that last leaf falls from the tree. 

Gold and Velvet 

There’s no question gold is a top home décor trend for fall 2018 (and for fashion, too). But we aren’t just talking about gold accents like candleholders, picture frames or for the holiday dinner table, we’re talking about larger gold items like gold area rugs, large oversized gold pillows and throws (we’ll dive more into this one later), and gold bookshelves.

Another decadent fall trend is velvet. Consider slipcovers in velvet or curtains, or even a soft couch or loveseat in a rich color like this one by Sloan

The trick for decorating with velvet is to keep the colors complimentary to your home’s current colors and décor. We love velvet in rich earthy colors that create a plush, expensive look while also making an elegant but subtle statement.       

Simple and Natural 

When you think about fall decorating, especially around the Thanksgiving holiday, pumpkins, fabric leaves, gourds and dried corn, and “pilgrim and Indian” motifs may come to mind. While there’s nothing wrong (and actually everything right) with a good old fashioned carved pumpkin on your doorstep, this year’s trend is about keeping it natural. 

Consider a simple display of pumpkins and gourds on your porch, and for the indoors, take advantage of the fallen small branches in your yard to create a fall arrangement in a vase. You could spray paint (in gold, perhaps?) branches and twigs to make it extra eye catching and even use larger, longer branches as curtain rods. Here’s a great article about decorating with branches from 

Outdoor ambiance with Lighting 

Fall is such a wonderful time to sit outdoors after the sun sets. When the days get shorter, there’s more time to spend taking in the moonlight outside on your porch, patio or yard. When it comes to outdoor lighting, a few trends dominate this fall. 

The first trend is replacing your old lights with solar powered LED lighting. There’s no complicated wiring required to switch to LED lighting and they make excellent accent lights for walkways or gardens because they are less bright than older lights. 

Another fall trend in lighting is Moroccan style lamps and lanterns. These make great centerpieces for outdoor patios because they are filled with beautiful, intricate metal work. 

Lastly, string lights are a fun and whimsical way to add character to your outdoor space. Check out websites like Etsy to find string lights with motifs that show off your signature style. 

Bold colors and florals 

If you’re choosing paint for a wall in your home, you’ll find lots of options at the paint store in bold colors like deep purple, dark blue, steel gray, and even black. 

Another trend this fall is big, floral prints for everything from throw pillows and curtains to floral wallpaper, bedding and murals. 

Oversized throws and pillows 

Nothing beats wrapping yourself in a comfy throw when the weather is cold outside but this year, you’ll have even more to wrap, because oversized throws are a big trend this fall. Choose a textured knitted throw, one made of down or a down alternative, or go luxurious with a cashmere oversized throw. (extra tip: these make great gifts). 

Oversized pillows in bold colors, velvet and floral prints are popular this fall, as are oversized pillows with mud cloth and global inspired prints. We love these Bokarv throw pillows from IKEA.     

What’s best about these trends for the fall? We think they’re here to stay. You may want to put the pumpkins and gourds away come winter, but even as we head into to the new year, you can be sure that gold accent rug will still be in style.