Outdoor lighting CincinnatiOutdoor lighting is one of the easiest and fastest ways to add ambiance to your yard and accentuate all the beautiful qualities of your custom home. And it’s come a long way from the days of simple porch, patio, and pathway lights. 

Today, you can add wall wash lighting to highlight a wall and add dimension, spotlights on trees and shrubs, and strips of lights to illuminate stairs. We love ethnic lanterns, unique pendant lighting for porches, and light spheres that add an element of fun and whimsy to gardens and yards. 

With so many choices for outdoor lighting, it can be difficult to know where to start. Below is a guide to types of outdoor lighting – beginning with the easiest lights to install. 

String lights 
A simple strand of string lights can add character and dimension to your outdoor space. One of the things we like most about string lighting is that it’s extremely versatile, easy to hang, and can be moved when needed. Add string lights along the length of the front porch roof to create an inviting entrance and lovely place to sit on warm evenings. 

You could also string multiple strands above the deck or patio. We love adding string lighting to spaces like the side yard to create an additional area for entertaining and unwinding. 

Strands of lights are available in LED, battery and plug in options. And while a budget friendly string of white Christmas tree lights are perfectly fine on a budget, you could also choose long lasting lights designed to be long term additions to you outdoor landscaping. 

LED strips
Consider adding LED strips along the underside of stairs in entryways. Since this type of lighting is extremely versatile, much like string lighting, you could also add it around larger planters, trees, and along walkways. 

We like LED strips because they create a modern and sleek look. They’re also a great way to create a little more safety to your dark, outdoor areas. 

Pathway lighting 
We love how pathway lights add just the right amount of illumination to your yard. Like string lighting, pathways lights have come a long way. Today, you can choose from various shapes and materials, as well as how bright you want the lighting to be. 

Why not get creative with your pathway lighting? You could add lights to gardens areas and around trees for an ethereal look. Many can be timed to turn on when the sun goes down and even come in various colors. 

Lanterns add a ton of character to your outdoor space. They’re also easy to move and versatile, making them a must-have for your outdoor décor. What we love about lanterns is how many styles you can choose from. For example, metal, Moroccan style lanterns can add bohemian flair to your porches and patios while sleeker styles can give your outside area a more contemporary feel. 

Flood lighting for trees
Uplighting is a fabulous way to add depth and character to your yard. By positioning flood lights specifically designed for trees and shrubs, you can create warmth and an element of safety as well. 

Like most outdoor lighting, flood lights can be LED, battery operated, or plug in. Note that if you’re using LED lights you’ll need enough sunlight during the day to power them once the sun goes down. 

Wall wash lighting
You could use flood lights for uplighting your outdoor walls, but we recommend wall wash lighting instead. Designed specifically to illuminate flat, vertical spaces, wash lighting is a perfect way to accentuate the architectural beauty of your custom home. 

Orbs and spheres
Create a unique and ultra-cool look in your yard with lighted orbs. Add them to your garden areas, place a few in a cluster, or around your yard to add depth and ethereal beauty. Orbs and spheres come in a variety of sizes, and some even change color. 

Pendant lights
A unique pendant light on your porch, covered patio or deck is a wonderful way to make statement. Whether you’re going for a sophisticated look, something classic or a little modern, you’re bound to find outdoor pendant lighting that does the trick. 

Look for lighting that can be connected to a dimmer to change the mood or choose a pendant light/outdoor ceiling fan combo to keep you cooler in the summer months. 

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