Cincinnati design trendsFrom gorgeous, rich colors for walls to geometric designs for floors, the biggest trend predictions for 2021 are here and they feature something for everyone, whether you love simplicity in home design and décor or prefer making a bold statement. 

There’s no denying that 2020 was a stressful year that made us crave comfort, and that’s factored into next year’s trends. Essentially, if it brings you comfort and joy, it’s in style. 

Showstopping home offices that make you want to work past quitting time (but don’t!) and “Zen design” (yes, that’s a thing) that puts serenity above all else are also big trends for 2021. 

Below are our seven favorite design trends for the new year: 

1. Scalloped and mermaid tile & herringbone floors 

Geometric patterns on walls and floors are a great way to make a statement any year. If you’re in the process of choosing tile and flooring for your new custom home, you’ll have plenty of unique patterns to choose from this year. 

We love Rookwood Pottery’s Geometric Collection that features gorgeous tiles in hexagon, diamond, and other shapes. Mermaid and scalloped tile is also a great option for a unique yet classic look. 

In flooring, consider herringbone hardwood or tile floors. Love the look? Check out herringbone wood doors, as well. 

2. Zen space 

There’s a reason Sherman-William’s top paint trend for 2021 is a soft pink called “Sanctuary.” Whether your idea of relaxing is a yoga class in candlelight, or curling up with a great book, this year it’s all about doing it in a space created just for that. It’s what designers call Zen interior design, and its hallmark is simplicity and serenity. 

Here’s how you can create a Zen space: First, make sure it’s in a quiet part of the home with plenty of light. Then, choose earth tones with pops of color and natural fabrics that are soft to the touch. Keep furniture and décor including artwork at a minimum. 

3. Incredible home offices 

2020 saw us clamoring to create home offices quickly when we started working from home. Now that it’s a new year, it’s time to refine and elevate the home office into something spectacular. 

The best home offices combine efficiency with comfort. We love custom, built-in shelving and light wood flooring because both create a very open, clean space. We also love well-crafted, ergonomic large desks. 

Consider placing your desk by a large window, adding a skylight or even a fireplace to your home office. And if the room is large enough, create a sitting area for clients, and add a comfy couch for the days you want to relax while you work. 

4. Outdoor kitchens 

If your idea of cooking and entertaining outside involves grilling out on the deck, it’s time to take it up a notch (or five). One of this year’s biggest trend is building full outdoor kitchens that can be enjoyed year-round. These new kitchens combine functionality with fabulous design. 

We recommend choosing high-quality appliances that require very little maintenance and can stand up to hot summers and harsh winters. Add touches like open shelving, side burners, a mini fridge and (our favorite) an oven for wood-fired pizzas. 

5. Bold wall colors 

Last year, we saw more neutral, earth tones in main parts of the home like the living room and dining room, and while we still think earth tones like warm grays and mossy greens work great, especially in rooms designed to bring comfort, bold wall colors are really making comeback. 

Don’t be afraid to use jeweled tones like deep reds, gorgeous dark blues and vibrant emerald greens. The key is choosing where you add color carefully. For example, contrary to popular belief, you can use dark colors in small spaces, but make sure it’s a room with plenty of light. 

6. Livable luxury 

Fireplaces. Soft leather sofas. Cashmere blankets. Maybe it’s because 2020 was such a stressful year for many of us, but there’s definitely a new rule when it comes to home décor in 2021: If it brings you comfort, it’s “in.” 

You’ve probably already noticed this if you’ve been shopping for your home recently. Velvet, for example, is new again, as evidenced by the growing popularity of velvet bedding and furniture. Today, it’s all about luxury without sacrificing practicality. 

7. Everything that’s old is new again 

If you love visiting second-hand stores or hunting for the next great find at the antique store, this is your year. Salvaged, repurposed and vintage furniture and accent pieces are going to be big in 2021, but the trend is blending them with more modern decor. 

Choose one showstopping, unique vintage piece for a room, for example a great mid-century modern couch, a turn-of-the-century chaise lounge, or a restored steamer trunk as a table or at the foot of the bed in the master bedroom. You’ll also want to make sure your vintage item is in great shape, so if you find a fabulous piece that needs a facelift, we recommend having it restored by a professional. 

So, here’s to 2021 and new beginnings. And if you’re ready to make this your year to move into a custom built home, the team at Classic Living Homes is here to help make it happen.