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Remodeling imageSo, you visited a friend’s custom built home and loved their three season room. You’re wishing you had one in your custom built home, too, but you’re not interested in moving because you’re happy where you are. You’ve got great neighbors, live in a community with excellent schools, and besides, you’ve got a lot of equity in your home. 

What if we told you there was a way to get that three season room in the home you’re in now? There is, and it’s by remodeling. 

Now, you may be thinking that remodeling is only for older homes – and certainly not for custom built homes. 

But custom built homes get remodeled, too. After all, they’re designed to fit your lifestyle, and we know life changes. 

From three season rooms to rooms modified for older generations to age in place, there’s really no shortage of ways you can add something new to your home to make it exactly what you want. 

Below are some of ways we’ve remodeled homes. Take a look. It may just spark some inspiration. 

Multimedia rooms. Home theaters are a big trend right now because more families are opting to stay in to watch their favorite shows and movies. Just look at the popularity of Netflix and other streaming platforms. Our multimedia rooms combine great technology with a focus on comfort. Every seat is the best seat in the house. Looking for multimedia remodel ideas? Take a look at these, featured on

Three season rooms. We’ve already mentioned three season rooms, but let’s dive a little deeper. Like multimedia rooms, it’s one of our most popular requests. Our design brings the outdoors in. We create rooms that can use solar for heat, natural light, and designed to complement your home’s architecture. 

Multi-generational rooms Universal design is a trend on the rise. More generations of families are living together, and many older home owners now seek ways to update their home to make it more accessible so they can age in place rather than move to a retirement community. Today, home remodeling for better accessibility is about creating a space that everyone can use, is beautiful, and fully functioning for older generations. 

Open floor plans. While open floor plans are a key feature in the homes we build, we can easily update your home with an even bigger open space or open up rooms that are currently divided by a wall. Another way to open more space is to look up. Add skylights or a rooftop deck or terrace. Or replace a wall with windows to let in the light. 

Master suites. There are endless ways you could remodel your master suite or bedroom, from removing a wall to connect rooms and make the suite larger, to adding a duel bath or a customized walk-in closet. Your bedroom is your sanctuary; a private retreat after a busy day. Consider adding a window seat, a balcony, or even a fireplace, anything that helps you relax and unwind. 

Custom homes are easy to modify to be tailored to what you need today. And it’s certainly easier to remodel than it is to move. Have a remodeling idea in mind? Let us know, and we’ll help you get started.