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10 easy Cincinnati landscaping tips for a gorgeous yard 

Easy Cincinnati landscaping tips
The magnolias are blooming and daffodils seem to be everywhere. This can only mean one thing: spring has arrived. It feels good to finally see the sunshine again, especially as we sit tight at home, keeping healthy as we wait for the all clear to roam freely about the planet again.  If you need a break from the news and something to do during your mandatory staycation, might we suggest a little landscaping? Just think: by the time things take a turn for the better (and don’t worry – they will), you could have a gorgeous yard to enjoy.  Landscaping is a wonderful way to get creative and destress, and there’s no green thumb required. Below are our tips for easy and effective home landscaping.  Choose the right flowers and foliage -  This is essential and requires a little research. First, you’ll need to consider the light in the space where you’ll be planting. And you’l...
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