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Five great reasons to choose a new custom home over renovating

five reason to build a custom home
Should I remodel the home I have now or is it time to start fresh with a custom built home instead? Whether your current home no longer fits your needs, or you’re simply ready to live in the house of your dreams, this is one of the most important questions you’ll need to answer before taking the next big steps.       Renovating your home may seem like the most practical solution, but when you take a closer look at everything from costs to comfort, building a custom home can offer many more benefits, especially if the renovations you want to make are extensive.  Take a look below at five big reasons to choose a custom-built home over renovating the home you’re already in.  Location, location, location Many homeowners choose to relocate and build a new home instead of renovating (or rebuilding on their present lot) so they can live in their ideal location. Perhaps ...
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