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How to Effectively Illuminate Rooms With Proper Lighting Fixtures

Indoor Living room
Whether it's for reading, working, or relaxing, the right lighting can enhance the look and feel of any space in a home.  Needless to say, the same kind of lighting doesn't suit the entire house. Therefore, lighting fixtures should be chosen according to the space. What works for the bedroom may be too faint for the living room, while outdoor lighting is too bright for the bedroom, and so on. Knowing what kind of lights to use for illuminating each room can significantly enhance your home's interior and quality of life. Style and function are two essential elements that can help you decide on a lighting fixture for your home.  The best thing about the right kind of lighting is how its diffusion makes the space more appealing and inviting. Any room that has the right illumination will appeal to you more and encourage you to enjoy that environment more – you and others as well! S...
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7 Things To Ask Your Cincinnati Remodeler Before Signing The Contract

Classic Living Remodeling
Remodeling your Cincinnati home is certainly a big financial as well as emotional investment but is also a rewarding experience. Choosing the right contractor is the most critical component to the success of your remodeling project.  The Cincinnati contractor you pick can be the difference between a job well done and an utter nightmare! There are plenty of stories of poorly done projects that cost the homeowner a fortune. Just watch the not so good movie Are We Done Yet (though still better than Thor III and The Force Awakens but this is another topic) and you will know all about that! So, how do you find the right service provider to wrap up the job for you?  There is no dearth of remodeling companies in Greater Cincinnati that advertise their experience and professionalism. However, it is important that you take time to research your options before you finalize a contract.&nb...
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Experience the "3D Adventure" - Tour this newly completed Classic Living home virtually

Classic Living 3D video
Photos are great, but check this out... You can actually move through this new Classic Living custom built home at 10604 Adventure Lane in Montgomery, Ohio. Experience the adventure as you determine where to explore next... Main floor, upper floor, or lower level. This is a fantastic home. This is a great way to tour it in the comfort of your present home. This one will not last in this very popular area of Montgomery. Home facts: Immediate Occupancy! This two-story home has all of the bells and whistles with 3,329 sf plus an additional 714 sf in the finished lower level. There are four bedrooms on second level, a three car side-entry garage, mudroom with cubbies! Location, Location, Location! Seconds from everything and convenient highway access. Park-like backyard and many high-end finishes. Come see what all of the buzz is about. Contact the builder for an in-person tour. But first, c...
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Determining The Best Flooring For Your Cincinnati Home

Choosing home flooring
One of the hardest decisions a homeowner faces is choosing the type of flooring for the house. If you thought that choosing the wall colors was the toughest you ever made, wait until you have to make a flooring decision. This is also a more important decision, because flooring determines a lot of things, including the home's ability to keep warm or cool, reflect light, give a sense of space, how comfortable it feels to walk on, and how much work will be involved to maintain it. The flooring is also an essential aspect of home decor. It has to complement the rest of the house such as the walls, the windows, or the paint color. There are a variety of flooring options today, as compared to a decade or two ago. Even when it comes to simple wood flooring, there is a wide range of choices available. You can buy flooring from a store or online, at a wide range of prices. Some are easier to inst...
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