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Determining The Best Flooring For Your Cincinnati Home

Choosing home flooring
One of the hardest decisions a homeowner faces is choosing the type of flooring for the house. If you thought that choosing the wall colors was the toughest you ever made, wait until you have to make a flooring decision. This is also a more important decision, because flooring determines a lot of things, including the home's ability to keep warm or cool, reflect light, give a sense of space, how comfortable it feels to walk on, and how much work will be involved to maintain it. The flooring is also an essential aspect of home decor. It has to complement the rest of the house such as the walls, the windows, or the paint color. There are a variety of flooring options today, as compared to a decade or two ago. Even when it comes to simple wood flooring, there is a wide range of choices available. You can buy flooring from a store or online, at a wide range of prices. Some are easier to inst...
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Let’s remodel and stay - Seven steps to start your “custom” home addition or renovation

Cincinnati remodeler
If you could snap your fingers and have everything fall into place in a newly built Cincinnati custom home, why wouldn’t you choose that option? But then reality sets in… Your friends are nearby in your current home. Your memories are there. You’re comfortable in the community. Your budget fits this home, and the list goes on… If this scenario fits you, it might be time to turn your custom built home dream into a custom remodeling plan for your current home. The first question homeowners have, is “How do we retrofit This Old House with custom quality construction. How do we give it the feeling of new and a flow that feels natural?” Start by selecting a Cincinnati custom builder that offers remodeling as a parallel specialty. Many offer renovation as a subset, but only a select few can promise quality in remodeling that mirrors the quality of their new custom home construction. It is a ch...
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Interior Designer vs. Interior Decorator - A look inside the differences

Interior designer image II
Which is right for my needs? The question of needing an interior consultant includes several considerations. The best place to start is to have a discussion with your builder. With your answers to a few key questions, the builder should be able to suggest the best approach. Quality builders also have a sense for interior design as it plays such a central role in their business. They should be able to contribute substantively in interior discussions throughout the construction process (Classic Living Homes is one such builder) . Additionally, they may partner with an interior specialist or have referrals from which to choose. Below are two general skill levels that this profession offers. Each provides a differing level of assistance: Interior Decorator - This is a consultant who is proficient at assembling ideas from various sources, assisting with material and color selections and a sou...
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Lot choices - Starting the process on a custom foundation

lot choice image
Everything begins with a quality lot. Your builder is a very important partner in this process. They should be able to offer valuable insights on cost, feasibility and function to guarantee a custom fit of the lot in the construction process. So where do you begin when considering building lots? Below are a four Cincinnati building lot options that are traditioanlly popular or trending. Build on your lot If you own land that you can envision your new home on, one piece of the custom-build process has already met with your satisfaction… You love the land! This expedites the schedule for you and your builder as you can immediately move to logistics, lot configuration, home style options and estimating. Tear down lots Homebuyers are taking strong interest in living closer to the city again. A popular option is to tear down outdated homes and rebuild on the lot. Classic Living Homes speciali...
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