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From Lebanon to Long Cove - See who owned your Warren County land 160 years ago.

warren county map fpo

Now this is an interesting, but offbeat subject for Warren County, Ohio residents. It’s hard to imagine today, that American pioneers once tilled, nurtured and protected the land that we now own. Think of the people who may have lived where your home’s foundation stands. Did you know that the county itself is named after Dr. Joseph Warren, a hero of the Revolutionary War who sent Paul Revere on his ride and who died at the Battle of Bunker Hill?

The landscape of Warren County has changed much since Dr. Warren’s lifetime. The original eight townships have turned into eleven. The population has grown from 26,000 to almost 225,000 - ten times the number of residents!

Interested in looking back to see the Warren County names that owned and cared for your land 160 years ago? This is your chance. Click here to view a comprehensive land ownership map for 1856. Every corner of the county held a family name. Many are long forgotten in history, but some remain today with fourth and fifth generation residents to pass on great memories of the land, the pioneers and the communities that created our history. 

Whether you live in Long Cove or Lebanon, Ohio, this map will be of interest. Take a moment to see who owned your land. If it peaks your interest, The Warren County Historical Society is a great next step for deeper understanding of your Warren County, Ohio heritage.