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Is a pre-constructed home really a custom built home?

A custom home is not always one that is built from scratch for a unique buyer. In fact, many new custom homes are built prior to having a buyer. These are called “Market” or pre-constructed homes. Sometimes the builder will construct a “Model” home in the initial stages of a community’s development to illustrate their capabilities. Market homes possess the same level of custom quality as those built from scratch. The buyer for each type of home is generally defined by the following:
Market Custom Homes - This home buyer has a more immediate desire to move and finds greater value in quick home occupancy. They usually find, upon touring the home and surrounding community, that the builder has satisfied a sufficient amount of the custom attributes that they desire. This home features the the same excellence in building materials and craftsmanship, but utilizes a widely accepted floor plan and architectural design. This buyer enjoys a shorter process as the home is constructed and all that stands before them is the contract, sale and closing.
To-Be-Built Custom Homes - This approach offers advantages that Market homes do not. Naturally, the biggest advantage of a To-Be-Built. or "Paper" home is the ability for you, the buyer to provide input throughout the building process. This means that you can design a home that has the features you want and none that you do not. Example - Don’t care for a formal dining room but love to entertain? You can redirect the floor plan to accomplish this in the design stage. The result is more usable space and potential savings in both building costs and energy savings. From fixtures to exterior architecture, to energy efficiencies, your vision is built into the home to fit your desires and lifestyle. Another deciding factor for many, is that To-Be-Built custom homes have a substantially longer lifespan prior to move-in date.
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