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Top Flooring Trends for Cincinnati Homes in 2019

Cincinnati Flooring TrendsOne of the quickest and easiest ways to transform the look of your home is with new flooring. From the latest trends in wood and bamboo floors to carpet and tile, there are so many options to choose from to improve functionality, increase comfort, and magnify your home’s signature style. 

We’ve asked some of Cincinnati’s leading interior designer and decorators to pick their top flooring trends for the new year. Take a look at the list below, and let us know how you’re planning to add new flooring for a new look in time for 2019. 

Wide plank wood floors 

Rustic, farmhouse designs – especially in the kitchen and dining room – are leading the flooring trends for 2019. Longer, wider planks that are aged and destressed are one of the easiest ways to get this look, and tie the whole rustic look together. 

Local flooring specialists can offer new wood flooring that’s made to look weathered and worn, and can also order antique flooring from barns and historic homes that can be customized for your home. And since Cincinnati is an architectural mecca, you may be able to score salvaged wood flooring from antique stores like the Wooden Nickel

Green flooring 

We’re certain the going green trend is here to stay, which makes green flooring an excellent choice if you’re looking for materials with a good ROI. Not only are environmentally-friendly flooring options good for the pocketbook, they’re also made from some of the most durable materials you can find like cork and bamboo. 

Cork flooring looks similar to hardwood and is non-toxic; taken from the bark of the cork oak tree. These trees can grow back quickly after they’re harvested, which helps sustain tree canopies essential for providing shade and keeping the earth cooler because it helps prevent deforestation. 

Ready to go green? Check out Greener Stock, a home improvement store in Cincinnati that sells eco-friendly flooring. 


Carpet of any kind (well, maybe not shag), is going to big in 2019. Our designers say the main reasons clients choose carpet is for its added warmth, comfort and for noise reduction. Carpet in entryways in light colors like white and cream are popular ways to create a warm welcome, while pattered carpet in bedrooms is on trend this year, too. 

Large format tile 

Like green flooring, we believe this is a trend that’s here to stay. Large format tile is typically porcelain tile that’s cut in larger tiles. The look is sleek and clean because there’s less grout lines. Printing techniques can be applied to large format tiles to give them the look of wood, marble, and concrete, making them extremely versatile and a great way to utilize your own design aesthetic, because you can make the floors customized almost any way you want. While large format tile is popular in large rooms and in open floor plans, we think using large tile in small areas can make them appear bigger. 

Black and white tile 

No matter if your tastes are traditional, retro, or ultra-modern, black and white tile combinations can make your bathroom look timeless. If you’re creating a Victorian-style bathroom, consider black and white stenciled tiles in mesmerizing patterns, or small white tiles accentuated by black tiles to create a farmhouse style bathroom. 

Wood look flooring 

Wood looking flooring in laminate, vinyl, or ceramic tile certainly isn’t new, but with new advanced in inkjet technology and flooring made from upcycled materials, it’s poised to be a very popular choice with homeowners in 2019 and beyond. 

The biggest trends in wood looking flooring include wide planks, lighter colors including grey and white, and laminate that looks like antique, worn wooden floors. These laminate floors look like real wood and, when they’re made with recycled, sustainable materials, it makes them a big win if you’re looking to go green.      

Waterproof flooring 

It used to be a challenge to find great-looking flooring options that were also water-proof. But today’s homeowner is looking for flooring that’s durable as well as great-looking. Many luxury vinyl planks are 100% waterproof, making them a great choice for your bathrooms, kitchen and other areas like mudrooms, playrooms and laundry rooms. 

Thanks to Shaw’s LifeGuard technology, carpet can be waterproof, too. Since these carpets won’t hold water and go moldy, you can use it in your bathroom. 

Ready to add new dimension and style to your home? It’s easy with new flooring. Choose one that fits your style and fits the function of your home. Whether you need practical, tough flooring for high traffic areas or luxurious rugs or carpet for comfortable elegance, there’s a flooring option that’s perfect for you.