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You can LEED the way to better homeowner ecology

It stands for "Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design". LEED is a voluntary program that greatly benefits homeowners, builders and our ecology as a whole. The effort is a world wide effort to address the entire lifecycle of our structures. Participation requires a minimum of 40 points achieved on a 110 point LEED rating system. Once certified, the homeowner enjoys lower operating costs, increased asset value and healthier indoor spaces.

Builders construct a more forward-thinking, competitive and conscientious product, that better fits the requirements of today's buyer. Finally, over it's lifespan LEED certified structures reduce waste in landfills, conserve energy and water, reduce greenhouse gases, and quailfy for tax rebates, zoning allowances and numerous other incentives in many areas. LEED is quality program and Classic Living Homes is ready to make it a part of your custom plan. Call us to learn much more, or log on to: